Chic to release new album in 2017


Nile Rodgers announced this week that a CHIC album, 'It's About Time', is scheduled for a 2017 release. The album will come out at an important time for CHIC, who mark their 40th anniversary along with the seminal discoteque Studio 54. 

Reflecting on 2016, Rodgers wrote: "The year had barely started when David Bowie passed away… 'Let's Dance' is one of the highest plateaus in my career… When Prince suddenly died," he continued, "it was like I'd been struck by lighting twice. It made me 'see' why I named the next Chic album 'It's About Time'. Time is so important, and what we do with it is everything." 

2017 will mark the 40th anniversary not only of Chic, but also of Studio 54 – "the world's most influential disco." For one New Year's Eve party, Studio 54's events planner Robert Isabell had four tonnes of glitter dumped in a four-inch layer on the dancefloor. The owner, Ian Schrager described it as like "standing on stardust", with glitter still being found months later in people's clothing and homes. It was Studio 54 that put CHIC on the map, with 'Le Freak' becoming one of the club's most iconic soundtracks.

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