Neinzer releases limited EP on Where To Now?


This Friday will mark the release of a new EP by the acclaimed producer and dj, Neinzer, real name Emil Lewandowski. It comes not long off the back of an EP for AD93 fka Whities which was met with wide scale praise and a warm reception. 

Titled “Shifting Values” the EP is more experimental in its approach, focussed on abstract rhythmic patterns and sound design. It’s a clear representation of his own changing approach to music production and takes a distinctly broader tact. The release features five tracks which are hard to piece or place in terms of style, yet that is why in itself this record is so unique. The label describe as follows:

“Having been quietly turning heads for the last few years Neinzer cuts an interesting figure in today’s electronic landscape as someone whose creations walk the lines of heavy, otherworldly, hypnotic Techno. Neinzer’s work stands apart – utilising an often tense & unstable approach to sound design, but always injecting his worlds with huge flashes of melody, joy, and power.”

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