NB FunkY


NB Funky was responsible for shaping the direction of the Funky movement with the seminal Riddim Box a few years back. Honing the prototype of skippy carnival percussion, a broadly 4/4 beat, and an underpinning of bass that was grimey without being gruesome, Riddim Box laid the foundations for the likes of Crazy Cousins and Ill Blu to build on. Now the man has come with Bust This!- possibly his strongest track to date. Already riding high in the UK Funky charts, the tune is a concoction of sharp 70s dub horns (think old school UK reggae don Rico) stabbing over a deep rolling sea of bass and dry, crisp snares. Theres no messing about with the rules, instead the track delivers what is needed in the dance without pointless trickery. Funky has gradually been breaking through to the boxes of more traditional house, techno, dubstep and nu disco DJs, and this sort of work can only continue that trend.

Ian Mcquaid