NAAFI set to release third album from Angel-Ho

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Visual artist, creative director and producer Angel-Ho is set to release their third album ‘A Time To Die’ on Mexico City’s NAAFI this 3rd September.

Covering a range of themes and topics, the ten experimental, fresh takes on pop music see them explore forbidden queer love, self-expression and the power of community in helping to make the world a better place.

To accompany the music release, a documentary has been created by Allison Swank which shares the story of surviving schizophrenia as an artist and stars both Angel and their mother Valerie.


Through their music and visual performances, and as part of a boundary-pushing community of artists in their home of Cape Town, Angel seeks to challenge gender and sexuality narratives. The album follows their debut LP, ‘Death Becomes Her’, on Hyperdub Records and sophomore LP for label and collective NON.

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