My Panda Shall Fly – Sorry I Took So Long Ep – A Reflection


In Sun Ras cosmic freak flick Space Is The Place, Ra shows up in a 70s American ghetto with the Egyptian deity Thoth as his beak headed companion. As the do-gooding immortals they are, they decide to shazam around teaching young brothers the mysteries of oneness with the universe, all to a psyched out jazzers soundtrack. Should the man Ra want to show up in Peckham next week to repeat the trick hed probably choose to open the kids inner chakras with this, the debut EP from My Panda Shall Fly. The 3 tracks featured are a heady clutch of supernova space funk and synthetic star bursts, woozing from riff to wash, along the way referencing euphoric proto rave, weighty slabs of dubstep bass, and the jazz stylings of Art Ensemble of Chicago. Constructed of gorgeous analogue tones and percussion, Sorry I Took So Long has a unique warmness and depth beating away in its pulses and shivers, and proves itself well worth the wait.

Ian Mcquaid