Musique Pour La Danse set to reissue pioneering UK hardcore and breakbeat


Musique Pour La Danse are set to reissue UK breakbeat and hardcore material from East London underground pioneers, Break The Limits. 

The project of Bay B Kane and Mister E released pivotal and visionary EPs between 1990 and 1991, a revolutionary time for dance music in the UK and beyond.

Produced in Satin Storm's studio, another pioneer of the UK warehouse sound, it marks Part One in the label's reissue campaign and showcases early deep house, techno and breakbeat influences.

Run by Oliver Ducret and Ed Isar, Belgian imprint Musique Pour La Danse is a sublabel of Mental Groove, who have previously released the sought-after "Collected" anthologies from Ro Maron, Orlando Voorn and more recently New Beat pioneer Dirk Dirk Desaever. 

Part One of the reissue will be available on digital and vinyl from the 24th of May.

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