Musique Pour La Danse announce “Collected” anthology from Dirk Desaever


Musique Pour Le Danse has announced their next “Collected” anthology from Belgian producer Dirk Desaever, the man behind White House White, Danton’s Voice and A Thunder Orchestra.

The extensive compilation follows the 2015 release of New Beat pioneer Ro Maron’s anthology and charts mostly never heard before cuts from Desaever's archives between 1984 to 1989.

The anthology came together after Desaever sent a huge bank of unreleased material to label managers Olivier Ducret and Ed Isar, and what began as a simple reissue project turned into a wider look into his body of work, released in three different mediums, on LP, EP and cassette, with different content on each. Although the productions can be imagined in a New Beat context, most of the music featured wasn’t made for the club and explores raw recordings that fit somewhere between minimal wave, dark wave, lofi library music and leftfield electronics.

Dirk Desaever is an essential Belgian producer, whose work under White House White and Danton’s Voice remains sought after by record collectors. His productions under these aliases have also appeared on compilations such as The Sound of Belgium and Walhalla’s Underground Wave and have been edited by Mick Wills and Marcel Dettman.

COLLECTED 1989 – 1989 will be released on 8 March.