Music musings 3/6


Sometimes I have weeks where I barely paid attention to what’s been going on in the big wide world… this seems to be one of those weeks.

Instead, I seem to have been listening to summer flavoured/fuelled/barry betheled/gary barlowed/des lynamed summer house/some of that there uptempo music…

The week began with my ‘discovery/ignorance’ of Azari & III courtesy of Steve over ere like… blimey, how did I miss that one? I must get out more. That reminds me of one of my favourite parts of Tony Wilson’s 24… book. “If you don’t understand that, that’s ok… but you really should read more.”

Anyway, moving swiftly on Jules introduced me to Kavsrave which is well nice… but it does totally rob Joker’s remix of SMD’s Cruel Intentions from a while back to be fair.

Wednesday was where summer pretty much kicked in really…my mate’s Rob’s beautiful summer lift-off mix whilst working outdoors on my friend’s roof to be precise. There’s that brilliantly tripped out KZA – Open Up track (speeded up on the mix which makes it sound even better) on there. It’s been a week of “oh yeah, I know that one just never knew it’s name.

And to finish Mr Roberts highlighted this fine, fine fabric promo mix from the fantastic Prince Language. I forgot how good that recent Shit Robot – I Got A Feeling track on DFA (that Ian reviewed on here recently) was till I heard it on here. Oh and then this morning he drops me this fine, fine re-edit from Prince Language of Ahmed Fakroun.

OK, that’ll do then… weekend boat sun ere I come… if you want me to leave, just throw me overboard…