Music musings 29/7


Rather starved of good music over the weekend… Secret Garden Party’s great n all that but it hardly excels in the aural stakes. Much more visual. Still, the Man Make Music crew were massive all weekend, praise the lord. Go check em next weekend here and here in the near future. Love & Mercy Sat night, ace. Sketchy. Amit on Fri night in a smokey dome, ace. Think it was he who played that lush Dixon edit of Ben Klock.

Put 6muisc on in the daytime for the first time in a while yesterday and stumbled across the beauty of One Dove’s White Love. Lead me to dig out the 12″ with the Professionals dub on it – Jagz Kooner’s Screamadelica-era balearic drums… ooh. Ah, the ever wonderful RIG beat me to it. Anyway, rather than the inferior digital copy tho, there’s about a million on Discogs for under 2 quid. A must buy. Was speaking to a friend y/day about him having to deliver a mix to a radio show and he was admitting the shame of using CDs – not to veer too far into geekery but if you check the wave forms when you’re recording a mix the vinyl is all bouncing all over the place -when you bring a CD/mp3 in they’re all nice and clipped and controlled! Is that some sort of social commentary going on there… or simply me hanging onto times past!

Talking of times past, Bill Brewster’s 80′s pause button tapes via DJ History – aceness. Check vol. 5 with mr john peel’s view on the booing of maradona @ wembely! On a bit of mix tip this week methinks. Check my mate paul’s (no, not d. holmes related) rather nice little mix up on the cloud of sound. Oh and flipping over to the cloud of mix check this really, really ace classic mix from Slam – yeah, yeah sugar.

Why is Tiga – Overtime (Motor City Drum Ensemble Tape Dub Mix) on here? Not sure… maybe it’s because I always have a soft spot for Tiga and I’ve been loving all the Motor City Drum stuff of late… and it’s a free download… OK!

Not one for shameless self-promotion (really, I’m not) but we (Ransom Note DJs – me n Ian) have got a show on HouseFM next Wednesday from 9 till 10 courtesy of miss hardiman @ inhouse – mainly we’ll probably be playing late 80s/early 90s house music… that’ll be nice then. Tune in, we might give you a shout… Oh no, more promotion: someone (not me, not me) set up this ‘music musings’ fakebook page if you’re interested at all!

That’ll do then… that’ll do.