Music Musings 26/8


Don’t know where I am with music this week to be honest… Serato fukked up on the weekend, I’ve lost half my itunes and I basically hate digital music all round really… oi remember, back in the day like when all this were black pieces of plastic… well i don’t really, cds had def come in… least my first purchase was on tape… tape and vinyl actually. like a virgin album on tape and now 3 on vinyl… yes mate!

Anyway, whilst researching an article earlier in the week me and the quaido came across at jan hammer track don’t you know picked by mr blim of apples. it’s truly beautiful and i love the fact it’s only 3 mins long. would account for the amount of times i’ve played it. cannae find the vio nell of it for love nor money tho!

is it lauren’s cold or does this weather bring out somber nick drake’s Northern Sky. I Am Kloot finally made it then! Mercurys a go go… this tis a nice song too… “hey could you stand another drink… I’m better when I don’t think!” Actually, while we’re on the subject of Christopher Eccleston, that Naked Lennon thing last night was quite good. Ain’t fussed about the Beatles most of the time… sometimes my attention turns back to them. Dear Prudence came on le radio this morning… that’s nice then.

“Turn that frown upside down.” LL

Up, up, let’s go up.

Ace Hot Chip remix of Caribou’s She’s The One and in return a Caribou mix of Hot Chip’s Brother’s Both rather wonderful. Ooh check the Wild Geese mix of Hot Chip too… mmm.

Jumping back slash – nice.

Lastly the excellent Gonzales – I Am Europe – Lucy thinks it sounds like Bran Van 3000.. “I’m gay pastry & racist cappucino.” Ivory Tower looks like it’s def worth a look.

Right, i think i’m done here… Thomas Fehlmann, Claude Vonstroke, Michael Mayer… all in the same place… i’m off to have some fun sunday.


Juno Records DJ Chart - Shit Robot
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