Music musings 24/6


sun, sun, sun, sun… tune of sonar… live it sounded amazing in the day… on the excellent WYS boat party it sounded pretty damn special in the middle of the ocean and late, late on friday night at the night thing it sounded super great too… sun, sun, sun… tune of the summer i’d bet!

more boat party action – aphex twin – windowlicker run jeremy edit… trying to dance to this as the boat rocked back and forth was pretty massive!

amazing new balearic mix from weatherall courtesy of ripped in glasgow… if that doesn’t cheer you up and soundtrack the sunshine outside, nothing will! i can’t believe how smiley it is for mr weatherall. aceness. it’s got that lush ray mang track on it look into my eyes – ha, check the tom cruise video! talking of ray mang, dan b just alerted me to his amazing mix of sean brosnan’s satjam – bigness

right! off, quick… bury of glaston