Music musings 22/7


Someone dropped that 2bears record Be Strong at the weekend. Sounded ace. There’s always been that niggling thing with that track where the drop was always a bit of let down. Re-tweak needed soon come. On the Joe Goddard tip, have you heard his production on Dels’ new single? Huge.

Bit stream – monolith via super selectah Joe Clay. I know you’re busy sir but howsabout a new post eh? Think we deserve it dontcha fink?! need some inspiration.

The Shit Robot album is immense. Agree with Ian re: the horrific album title but every track’s super ace. Made me revisit the super fly Serge Santiago remix of Simple Things

Dan B posted this ace track fromMK – Burning. So good. Oooh follow the youtube tree to Chez Damier – Can You Feel It and MK’s dub of it. Ooh, check out the New York Dub too.

Amanda palmer performs the-popular hits of radiohead on her magical ukulele – utter nouvelle vague nonsense!

Outkast summerness via Tayo fakebook

Not one for shameless self-promotion (really, I’m not), but someone set up this ‘music musings’ fakebook page if you’re interested at all!