Music musings 22/4


So, the Glastonbury line-up’s pretty impressive for the first time in quite a while. Snoop Dogg back in the country! Stevie Wonder, Shakira, LCD for the 64 time I’ll prob see them this summer. Shakira?? Actually people I’d be interested in seeing at a festival… including the fantastic, beautiful, flawless Kate Nash – her new album’s called My Best Friend Is You – does kate nash have any friends since she sacked off all her posh mates and started talking like a mockney?!

Have you heard that massive Tim Goldsworthy remix of the Massive Attack single w/ the guy from TV On The Radio on? Quite fantastic.

le le – breakfast (mercury remix) – forgot all about this till someone played it again on sat night

It doesn’t seem right to go through a week without making mention of Talking Heads does it. I love the Staple Singers… but I had no idea they’d done a cover of Slippery People. That was my surprise ‘Heads’ discovery this week.

Great trainspottery DJ Premier Malcolm Maclaren tribute mix – cheers Danno!

Ahh, Unicorn Kid’s Goodbye came on my ipod on the way to work the other day. Fantastic. Would love to go see him live again somewhere soon.

Richard Ashcroft’s new band announces new tour… uhh brilliant!

Right, that’ll do for now.. maybe some other bits in the morning… OK then, deffo Steve Mason’s new album (Thursday morning post here: my brother stuck Steve Mason’s new single Lost & Found on while we were in the car the other morning – I was like to him at the start “Is this Enigma?!”… you can see what I mean… I love it now tho, album’s ace too) & John Carpenter’s The End (well, just cos someone played it on Saturday… and it sounds ace at the start of the Optimo Kill The DJ Album… and I’m sad it’s the end of the club!)

By then.