Music musings 22/1


V/VM Chris de Burgh Lady In Red cover. Fantastic. While were on a V/VM tip, why dont we check out Whams Last Xmas, V/VM style fukkin ace. God, Im so juvenile sometimes. Just sounds genius to my ears tho oh no, Ive opened a can of worms here Atomic Kittens Whole Again does it get any better?

Echoboy Echoboy, Echoboy I missed/completely overlooked him first time around. Danny, I apologise you knew the way! Thanks to my mate joe and his they are now part of my world. This Kit & Holly track reminds me of living in Barriedale with a horrific hangover. This made me feel just that little bit better. Check the white noise link above for another track Broken Hearts.

In other news, Joe Cs promised to come play an old school hip-hop/electro set inspired by his recent posts on the white noise down the George in May. Cant wait! He still wont get back to me about those Feedle albums thofukker!
Ooh, as a recommended link from Echoboy on youtube we end up here
Space Face = lushness.

Oh and my brothers just posted a live version of ‘the best song in the world ever’ (according to him on NYD) Nave Melody and Im in love with the song all over again. Why do I not own a copy of Stop Making Sense on DVD?

Oh and I’ve finally fallen for The xx. Took me a while, kind of turned off by all the hype last year… but they’ve soundtracked the last couple of dark clouds, i mean weeks of my life. Think it were Saam’s installation what dun it for me finally… now I’m completely obsessed. Matt’s telling me that if I’m into them, then I’ve got to get into Chris Isaak… hmm I’m waiting to be convinced! Do I need to post one of their tracks. Oh go on then, just the one then…

Ta ta

Wil x