Music musings 18/2


“its nice seeing a release like that, that if you don’t get the 12″ you can’t get it at all… its almost like records are exciting again…” ian mcquaid i love your enduring enthusiasm for music…

“The only thing you have to guide you through your life is your instinct. Sometimes the right decision isnt the easiest, but between your conscience and your intuition you will find the answer. Please listen to it. Its you.” Never been a massive broken-beat fan or whatever the ff they call it these days… but this Domu article from last year is pretty interesting… well kind of in a jazzers sort of way. Ian said he couldn’t give a flying ff about floating points. So i’m posting that for him… ‘deep’ detroit stylings man… i’m def a fan tho… i’m boring.

“you’ve got cucumbers on your eyes, too much time spent on nothing, waiting for a moment to arise!” fever ray – when i grow up – wow, what an amazing album – revisited after a couple of months… ethereal beauty! is this what happens when you stop going out to dark sweaty clubs… your music taste goes all obscure and twisted and difficult as a supplement to the dark, noturnalness that you’re missing from those clubs? hmm… oooh deep maaan.

via the white noise revisited and filtered through ash, atlas sound – fantastic dream, tripped out sometimes electronic beauty – check out this lush track with laetitia from stereolab – quick canal

“heaven is a place where nothing, nothing ever happens” talking heads, heaven, fear of music. massive. couldn’t find the original on poo tube (see what i did there?) so here’s the live one

erol’s 6mix on the weekend – good stuff. and off his show, the rather nice the swiss – bubblebath

cinematic orchestra w/ roots manuva revisited. what’s going on in the video tho?!

mia – new single’s quite good… from the mashed up sounding one i heard… could have been in a wind tunnel!

is this not the worst record in the world at the moment… seriously timbaland… what the fuk are you doin?? in fact, have you taken a look at the charts recently? i hadn’t for a while. jesus!

Ian, where’s that whole techno review section, as well as a 90s r n’ b retrospective…? show us your wisdom.

oh sorry.. one final one… was in the snooker hall the other night and this came on, on the massive screens… beyonce – sweet dream – completely massive.