Music musings 1/7


Wednesdays is generally fevered music garnering time… the one time I actually get to properly listen to stuff in good-sized chunks all week… that and filling up my ‘recently added’ arsetunes with new nonsense. This week has mostly been youtube glastonbury trawling.
My ears were filled with some amazing aural delights over the weekend, a lot of which I now cannot remember… but Mr Hebden and his fantastical Four Tet-ness live – which sounded a bit like this was aceness. Tho the sound was maybe slightly better!! Hula-hoopists looked the same tho. Thom Yorke’s secret gig was pretty amazing too… Snoop, he was well ridiculous… but ridiculously good at the same time. Def doesn’t love imself at all, oh no! Blimey and the Pet Shop Boys were truly ace too… more great stuff I can’t recollect tho I’m gutted I missed Holy Fuck… twice!

Anyway, this is prob getting boring fo y’all now:

Ian reviewed this a couple of weeks back and now the good ole RCR_LBL is offering up Carl Craig’s mix of Zero 7 as a free download. Doesn’t get much better than that now does it?!

14 tracks of mark pritchard to purchase. you forget how much good stuff he’s made over the years. pretty much massive bargainess at this price too! A fine, fine selection for only 6.86… Also check last week’s Dance Du Jour 14 tracks too… well, well worth yer hard earned cashola too.

Ended up back on a bit of Global Communication tip after the Mark Pritchardness above. Took me back to listening to 76:14 and coming back from some lysergic ethereal wilderness. Prob shouldn’t listen to 14:31 or the back to flashes’ll start occuring! Oooh do you remember the Chapterhouse – Blood Music Global Communication’s reinterpretation? That was well lush, must dig that out again if I can ever find it!

Christ, back on the balearic tip again! Not sure if Manuel Gottsching’s got an outing on here recently but I’m just back with that album again – there’s a white vinyl reissue from a couple of years back – and it is superb lushness. Treads that fine line being massively dull and massively ace. Yeah mate but it sounds just like Sueno Latino tho innit!!

While we’re on a west country tip, Mr Clay just posted this little beauty – Audion – Mouth to Mouth. Hugeness.

Right then, to go see LCD for a 4th time this summer this weekend or not? Hmm… Missy may still swing me over… come on Quaidos, let’s go behave like we’re 14 and go try jump the fence!

Bye… yeah, yeah, yeah… bye!