Music musings 13/5


my, my… do listen to january that joe’s posted up here… it’s shoegazing, blissed out sublime beauty… i want to be somewhere warm, i want to be somewhere warm, i want to be somewhere warm and for it to be festival season!

chris morris’ not as good as expected film had aphex’s avril 14th playing over the end titles… i could listen to this record all day i think.

a repost of a fakebook post of mine (wNkR) – I was sat at the airport listening to this – set fire to flames – y/day waiting for a plane that never came wondering what all these strange people were doing around me… lush.

ended up on a bit of max richter tip today after the above… hard to pick a particular track of his out of an album. maybe just a myspazz link suffices?

wow, we are on a downbeat tip today aren’t we?

funny how things come round at the same time… as i left the airport to head back to london after another failed attempt to get on a flight alan braxe’s intro came on. that cheered me up. then i got home and joe had posted archigram… the french house revival begins here… again!

mr shepherd furnished me with dj canchola’s africa this afternoon. as he rightly pointed out, where the hell would you put this in terms of categorisation… but then i guess that’s not really the point in one sense… sure mcquaid can help me out here.

my, my that black keys album is good isn’t it? can’t seem to find any of the other tracks on that them there youtube to post so tighten up again it is… in real danger of over-playing it tho!

Yeah, right fine by then? Yeah well, I tried to go monday but…tomorrow ok, i’m off… yeah bye!