Music Musings 12/8


Covers first:

An amazing cover of Model 500′s The Chase via RIG once again!

Ace Blue Monday cover by Hannah Peel.

Still trawling through weatherall’s 6 mix from sunday… weatherall with a massive cloud over his head from raving in a field doesn’t talk much! the fantastic ripped in glasgow has only gone and ahem, ripped it for us lucky souls here

Omni Trio foul play remix of renegade snares via Mr Roberts… the last time i remember hearing this was on a bus somewhere outside of this little island playing grand theft auto on me psp… shoot shoot bang bang beat people up… nonsense, why wasn’t i reading a book instead?! anyway, lush record

From the optimo fabric album… this rediscovered gem from Levon Vincent back in 2006 – love technique… mmmacid!

Joe Clay you always make my musical day, even just with a link on the ole fakebook – Oneohtrix Point Never – Laser to Laser . oh there’s more Emeralds – Candy Shoppe.

Blissed out Field remix of Delorean that i missed last month… well nice too.

8 minutes of madness from silver columns via caribou… and it’s free from FACT – lushness indeed.

Neon Indian album arrived on the doorstep earlier in the week. Sounds quite interesting… not checked proper like. Useful info that eh?!



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