Music musings 11/3


“So that was the first big weekend of the summer…” How good is this Arab Strap record? Lying on my friends roof on Sunday morning with it farting through my brother’s ihatephones it didn’t sound the best but you still get the idea… classicness alert…. 8.2% mmm

So Michael Mayer playing for 8 hours to 350 people in southwark on Sat was truly massive… I’m pretty sure I didn’t seem him go for a pss either! Good work. He played that gui boratto mix ofmassive attack – sounded completely lush. been a while since i’ve been in a club where someone’s played gat decor’s passion… without that cheeseathon of a vocal… that happened on sat night with michael too.

In my more quiet moments this week then I’ve been lost in the reissued Harmonia 76/Eno LP… jus re-released on double-vinyl “Not surprised The Human League sounded so fantastic if this is where they were “borrowing” their particular brand of startling alien sound from.” Thank you Norman.

oooh, that new pantha du prince album’s pretty ace too – that just arrived on my doorstep from norman this week… much love for that as well. ta for the live review the other week k.

sundaze at paramount at the top of centre point on sunday was immense. todd terje played one of my favourite records of the moment –tensnake’ – coma cat. seemed to hear this again and again over the weekend, massive cheesy synth-stabs but everyone knows i’m a sucker for a big cheeseathon. watch ian cringe the next time i play this! tensnake has also done a remix of this: polargeist – home from the can – but the original’s far superior… so there… in your face.

missed buraka first time around – must have been away. someone played me this onthe weekend – fukkin lush it is too.

Right those Jockey Slut CDs… oh god, i’ve run out of time again… Duncan, you must have them all somewhere surely?!

Oh and Ian’s got a massive point about that Hounds of Hate record… it’s amazing. Think they’ll come and play 3rd Party?!

Oh check me and Danny’s first live review… ably assisted by Jim… look, it’s our first review ok, give us a bit of break!

OK… forward… to bloc!