Music musings 11/2


“…like Fight Club, divorce and genital warts, Mock & Toof‘s nu-boogie is not the sort of thing you talk about. It’s a dance you do with your shoulders. It’s just slinky like that.” anyway, great press release – go check out the brilliant new track the day ken died… it’s free to download too!

oh my lord, just found out Model 500′s playing live at Bloc next month… i am having kittens – prompted a whole youtube revival. check out Future… massive! oh and mad ‘mike’ banks and derrick may… lord a mercy!

did you read about the whole Daft Punk ‘hoax/fake’ track? who actually cares? I like DP as much as the next garibaldi. but who gives a shhht it’s not them, it’s actually an ok record… Daft Punkfakeness here

as much as i utterly adore them, there was no way i was going to spend 30 quid on the ‘deluxe’ vinyl box set of the xx album but matthew dear’s mix of VCR on there is pretty great by all accounts.

hold tight for Jim’s big SMD preview next week. in the meantime, i may have looked entirely past this but as a warm up check the Joker mix of cruel intentions. it is by all accounts, bigos bigness. i kind of wish we didn’t have our night on down the george the same night as their night down matter… still, Capracara massiveness.

massive attack album – blimey o gary riley what a surprise! there was me thinking they’d got in a stuck in a dullos rutos never to return and they go and drop this album. really, really good goodness. i think i’ve given it about 5 plays over the past equivalent days and i’m more than sold. Nice live version of Atlas Air here. For anyone who’s vaguely interested “Atlas? Air is an airline who were going bankrupt until they got a contract to transport military supplies to war zones for the US.”. actually, just check the original – it’s fukkin lush! buy this album, it’s ace.

Ian thinks I’m massively depressed, thinks that this may sort me out: d-ream should i argue with that really?? On the subject of Ian, he’s promised me a whole techno review section, as well as a 90s r n’ b retrospective… we shall believe it when we see it eh?

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