Music musings 10/6


Music, music, music is lush.

Here is a boat party run-down… including post dribbling face chewing…

True Faith – Take Me Away

Tensake – Coma Cat

Work Masters at Work

Liquid – Sweet Harmony

Don’t know if ian actually played this but i obviously thought he did… Awesome 3 – Don’t Go

Jackie Wilson – Higher & Higher… but the extended, extended edit!

Can’t find the youtubeness but the Hercules love affair remix of Bostro Pesopeo on man make music’s lush eastern electrics mix. can’t to play rekkids with them at secret garden party next month…

Outkast – SpottieOttieDopaliscious

Falco- Ganz Wien

Ah playing records with Ian and my brother on the weekend brought a tear to my eye… reminded me of good times past… revisit the shambles here

OK, that’s that then… till next year n all that. By the next time we speak I’ll be in a Barca land full of electronic goodness all being well.