Music For Dreams to release compilation of Japanese music


The eclectic record label has announced a new fourteen track release which features music recorded over a thirty year period spanning the breadth of ambient, electronica, idm, psychedelia and more. It features music buy the likes of Takashi Kokubo, Major Force, Little Big Bee and many more. The release has been curated by Ken Hidaka, Max Essa and Dr. Rob and will be available from the 27th of March later this year.

The inspiration behind the release is described by Dr. Rob himself:

"Ken, Max, and me, alongside fellow residents Gordy Allan, and Guy Bassett (DJ Harvey`s younger brother), have been hosting a party, under the banner Lone Star, for nearly a decade. Which never felt like a big deal until I just wrote it down. When I`m packing my records, in my head, it`s simply friends catching up. But nine years is a long time to keep people dancing.

Lone Star is an international affair. Perhaps reflecting the changing nature of Japan. Mixing up both homegrown and foreign talent. Notable guests have included Alex From Tokyo, Chee Shimizu, Dubby, DJ Kent from Force Of Nature, Dr. Nishimura, and DJ Nori. Mark Seven, Nick The Record, Marco “Hell Yeah!” Gallerani, Lexx, Lipelis, and Kito Jempere.

The party happens every first Saturday at Bonobo, and we threw our hundredth a little while ago. Bonobo is in Harajuku. This place is rightly legend. Stretching over three floors in a converted house. When I first visited, the owner still lived there. His books and videos were all over the shop, and there was a shower in the toilet. Now the roof is glass, so you can chill, and try to spot the stars amongst the skyscrapers` beating red neon hearts, and a bespoke sound system`s been fitted. With Klipschorns in the tatami-matted lounge, and a mixer custom-made for David Mancuso in the main room. It`s not possible to put into words how much I love this contraption. How lucky I am to be allowed near it."

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