Mugwump To Release Second Album


The Belgian producer and disc jockey is back with a bang as he prepares to release a new eleven track album on his own imprint, Subfield. Titled "Drape" the album explores unchartered territory as he weaves between a variety of influences and sounds bringing in live instrumentation, vocals and more. The album sits somewhere between post punk, indie and pop whilst maintaining elements of psychedelia and shoegaze. As the founder of the Leftorium party in Brussels, where he predominantly focuses towards electronic music, he has become a familiar face amidst the DJ circuit. However, this is an interesting new direction for a producer whom has never been one to take half measures. 

The announcement of the album comes fresh with a new video for the single "No Trepidation ", by director Pierre Pironet and features a performance from choreograph Mercedes Dassy. The single is taken from the new album. 

Watch below: 

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