Mr C To Auction Ebeneezer Goode Cod Piece


Never has there been a better time to raid the savings account. Mr C is offering you, yes YOU a chance to own a genuine piece of music history. Bob Dylan's first electric guitar? The piano Stevie Wonder wrote 'Sir Duke' on? Flava Flav's clock? they all pale into insignificance. Why? Becuase Mr C is auctioning the leather cod piece he wore whilst performing Ebeneezer Goode in The Shaman's 1992 Top of the Pops appearance, that's why. For the good of charity – specifically the Cystic Fibrosis Trust – Mr C is offering up the sweaty sex garb he wore whilst performing The Shaman's pill loving number one, and he's even sweetened the deal , explaining that

“Just before doing the first Top Of The Pops performance back in September 1992, I'd had some bad press from the Daily Star who were sensationalising the drug reference in their national daily smutty rag & also the indie inky Melody Maker had been running a weekly spoof attack on me as an annoying rapper (which many believe I was… lol). So I stuffed the cod piece with these 2 articles for the TOTP performance, which remain in the cod piece to this very day & will stay there as an exciting addition to this very sought after item.”

If you want to get your hands on this iconic cock cover you can head over to the charity's facebook page where they've got further details. How much is the cod peice going to go for? Well we know that we'd move-move-move any mountain to get it… (sorry, that was terrible)