Operation Popeye, Blackjack, Cloverleaf and Haarp are ACTIVE .This means everything is bad. Very bad. Theres another thing going on about pathogen counters but I didnt really understand what. I know all this because Captain tells me. He came over tonight and filled me in on whats going on. Also, apparently a rock star he used to work with (and I know his name but Im not going to write it-) is a paedophile. When my wife pointed out that paedos can be spotted by their lobster claw hands, Captain told us hed always been suspicious since he noticed the guitarist in question played a lot of power chords and couldnt play a G#m7. Captain is the head of the West German Motorhead fanclub, and next week hes bringing us tickets to go to Motorheads 35th anniversary show. Captains metal band play in Australia next month. Theyre called something like Man O Machine. While I was looking for them on myspace I found this band, Man And Machines who are SHIT. THEY ARE SHIT. I dont tend to like listening to something ironically, but THEY ARE MESMERICALLY SHIT. Theyre probably the worst band Ive ever heard. I dont think its unnecessarily mean to say this as theyve got over a million plays. Whore is my favourite tune.

Man and Machines Myspace

Ian Mcquaid

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