Moot Tapes announce second release


The recently launched imprint has unveiled the next in their tape series. Based out of Kilkenny in Ireland the label has drafted in music from C.C.S.M. and Static to make up a two sided cassette due for release this week. It follows on from the first outing from the newly formed outlet which saw Peter Lawlor and Neil Quigley deliver a beautiful blend of experimental electronics and ambient on a tape earlier this year. 

C.C.S.M. is made up of Bong Gozling of Natural Sciences and Major Problems as well as DJ Carey of Jheri Tracks. The label describe their addition to a side of the tape as follows:

"The two friends got together over the summer for some late night tracking and the five techno-infused tracks are what came of those sessions…"

On the flip they are joined by Static whom the label emphasise the importance of within the Irish electronic music community. 

"Probably best known for being one of the people behind Cork's legendary Sunday Times party, John Hennessy has been making a name for himself as a producer having recently released on Jheri Tracks and Apartment Records."

Buy the release HERE.