Monolake Cancels Upcoming Us Tours


Berlin based DJ and producer Monolake, AKA Robert Henke, has announced that he will be cancelling all his live shows in America in light of President Donald Trump's decision to introduce a ban on people from certain Muslim countries entering the US.

In a Facebook post Henke stated that he is no longer "willing to apply for a visa….I am not willing to pretend I am a tourist when coming for concerts. A word for all my friends and fans in the US I do everything I can to support you. I know you are as devastated as I am. This not against you".

Lumière III is an audio-visual masterpiece that combines high-precision lasers with original computer software, especially crafted and created for the shows. UK fans can catch the show at London's Barbican centre, where a second date has been added. 

Read Henke's statement in full HERE.

Grab tickets to the Barbican show HERE

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