Monoak To Release New Ep On Freerotation


Formally known for their unrivalled ability to throw a party Freerotation made their inaugural foray into the world of 'dope, vinyl-only record releases' pretty much one year ago exactly. Initially kicking off with The High-On-Wye Quintet, a techno supergroup made up of Move D, Juju & Jordash, Soulphiction and Steevio, Freerotation 002 comes in the form of Monoak's 'Resolute' EP. 

As a not for profit organisation Freerotation pride themselves on being a platform for emerging artists in Wales to collaborate, experiment and push boundaries…which is an awfully pleasant thing in my opinion. Listen to snippets of Monoak's new EP below. 

Find out more about the label/purchase Monoak's Resolute EP here.