Moddi Rubbles


This is from a young Norwegian from some hyper remote island. Apparently hes won the Norwegian A-ha stipend (no honestly, this exists) to help him go onto to mega stardom with his wrist slashing emo accordion schtick. The press are really pushing this Moddi-lives-on-an-island-at-the-end-of the world line, and the impression I got from the blurb was that the lad lives in a broken stone witch yurt, subsisting off gorse thistles and conversing in seagull to the local wild life. Fair enough, but if thats the case why doesnt he sing in fucking Norwegian eh? And why isnt he singing about the hardships of pickling fish? I smell a rat.

“The music I make lives a life of its own… the songs grow a little with every winter that passes by. Just like children. MY children.”


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