Mike Huckaby Shall Teach You How To Use A Maschine, Properly.

Detroit legend, Tresor resident and Youthville genius Mike Huckaby shall be making a one off appearance in the big smoke this evening for a one off masterclass of how to use your Maschine equipment to maximum effect and make your tunes contain that all important sheen in production.
In conjunction with decks.co.uk and presented by new concept Room 44 (the brainchild of Half Baked and Meoko), Mike's rather philanthropic stance to teaching the yout' of today fits in perfectly with Room 44's remit – to educate, inspire and inform, to create debate and to generally put electronic music culture to its best. Sounds like the BBC of music workshops, minus the annoying pundits, loose 'impartiality' and disparate, weak programming.
Huckaby loves to share his knowledge and fierce dedication to the art of making music, and he's known for his Youthville programme in Detroit, which helps disadvantaged youth from the Michigan Detroit to focus their energies and vigour into music, taught by a master of the art and a local scene-hero. 
Of course, with such a one off event, Room 44 will be setting up shop tomorrow evening (10th June) at Hackney wick's No.90. Nevertheless, the tickets have been whittled down to just 8 spaces, meaning more one to one tuition with the Big Huck.

If you fancy sharpening your skills and bragging to your mates, email room_44@outlook.com to reserve a space detailing why they want to attend Maschine Camp. If accepted, they will notify you immediately.