Mike Broers Releases Ep On Chicago Imprint Clear


Young Chicago imprint Clear is set to release a stunning EP of highly textured and intricately woven techno from Ghost Arcade label-head Mike Broers in October. Following the inaugural release by TWINS, a condensed LP of industrial new-wave/synth-pop, earlier this month, the label wastes no time in establishing a consistent, informed sound which dances around the darker fringes of electronic music. Aiming to draw locally from Chicago artists that "are known to sit on stuff", it's a promising start and suggests untapped reams of unaired, underground material has circulated Chicago's famously burgeoning electronic music community for a while.

Mike Broers goes head-first and full-tilt into the record with SVHS Demonstration, a dark, thumping, detroit techno track with subtle acid inflections ruminating in the background. Piano keys dot sporadically overhead, lightening the intensity of the track, giving it a somewhat lyrical focal point. Stagma shifts down a gear, with sequenced dial-up synth foundation unveiling shimmering, light elements and molasses thick bass fluctuation. It's dizzier than the opening track, nowhere near as driving or ominous. Next we have a more cheeky, upbeat, electro vibe in 99_999, which skips along, cleverly interwoven sequences rendering a balanced track which moves into darker, more determined territory as it unfolds. Closer Clavis is a sultry, heavy-eyed groover, hypnotic and sexy but with hidden bite.

Stagma will be released on 16th October through Clear – cop it here.