Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer Set To Release New Ep On Days Of Being Wild


By Days Of Being Wild's own admission, they can be a little slow. "It's not that we don't care, actually maybe we care little bit too much, and well time does fly a bit too quickly sometimes." They've been sitting on this forthcoming gem for some time and now the Tel Aviv pair of Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer 'With Screening EP' is ready to be released. In DOBW's words, "Imagine if Liaisons Dangereuses had joined New Order in 1989 in Ibiza to record 'Technique'. Only they didn't use the same drugs. They sticked to ether and codeine. So it's a little bit colder, some sort of bleak exotic slow motion techno. Perfect to forget the summer." A remix comes from Italo legends Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca who infuse 'Prism Birds' with crazy arpeggios and a 303 bass line.

Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer – With Screening EP is released by Days Of Being Wild on 3rd October 2016. Follow DOBW on Facebook for further release info.


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