Michael Mayer: Good Times (Smartphone Version)


We like Michael Mayer at R$N and we especially like his new track Good Times (Smartphone Version), a slice of modern pop music with the feelgood factor so often lost in the haze of k influenced, doomy modern electronic music. Its got pianos, its got strings, its got a vocal, its got a melody, what more do you want?

“Good Times“ is the first single off “Mantasy”, Meyer's long awaited second album. What you have here is an alternative version of the album track, Cheekily titled “Smartphone Version”, it’s a tightened edit of what will appear on the album. Sung by WHOMADEWHO’s man of a thousand voices Jeppe Kjellberg. It’s an ode to nightlife utopia, to hands thrown in the air and the feeling of belonging, when you know that this is the place, the sound, the crowd you want to be with. “Movies without a happy end are dumb“, clarifies Mayer, “so switch off your smartphones and get on board!“