McQuaid’s Bruk Out Selections #7


Leftside – Monkey Bizznizz

Crazed monkey sampling dancehall/ hip hop hybrid from Leftside. Kinda Major Lazer-ish, but without the jock friendly EDM bass drops

Scruffizer – Kick It (produced by Zed Bias)

I was pretty skeptical when I got sent this. Seeing as Scrufizzys noisy dubstep schtick didnt really blow up on his Rap Rave single, sticking him over some moody house seemed a predictable and cynical next move. Still, two things have ensured the switch has come off 1) Zed Bias is on production duties and 2) Black Butter have signed Scruffizer and put this together. Both markers of quality Anyway the end result bangs, and Im going to be playing it a lot over summer. Other than Maxwell Ds regular unofficial bootlegs, its the first time Ive heard a UK deep house track with a grime MC chatting proper grimey bars, and Im glad its come off. Still, expect a host of where-did-my-career-go MCs following suit as the year goes on- Dunno when well see Scorcher trying to salvage his Geffen Records deal with something similar, but my moneys on pretty soon

Ciara – One Two Step – LDN to Detroit Mix

80s disco drums, glitching RnB and synthy Detroit techno, all battling for the dancefloor. Im pretty happy with how this remix turned out, but as the parts are somewhere lodged away on an old hard drive (it was written on a PC tower I bought from a mates office for 40) Ive never got round to getting it properly mastered. Still, enjoy it here in all its rough edged glory: