McQuaid’s bruk out Selections #6


Dj Rasimcan – Dancehall Queen

German DJ Rasimcan lurches between bashment and moohmbaton on this late night kush accompaniment. Im not 100% on the vocal tbh, its a lil comedy dancehall for my taste, but hes been good enough to stick the riddim in the download, so theres always room for a home made version. Rasimcan has also put a load of extended intro DJ versions of big cuts on his soundcloud page, which is mad helpful, as anyone whos tried to mix in Whine & Kotch or Pull Up to Mi Bumper as they stand will recognise

Context – Small Town Lad Sentiments

Context is looking to step into the big shoes vacated by Mike Skinner, and with the current 2 step revival theres no better time for a garage laureate to emerge – although to be fair theres no real competition, with Englands better MCs largely sticking to grime or hip hop, and the chart MCs being almost entirely shit (two words: Professor Green). Still, Streets comparisons aside (and Skinner has lent the project his approval with a hip hop flavoured mix) this is a sick track – the beat has that mix of melancholia and bang that distinguishes the best English rave, and Contexts flattened Midlands flow paints the dislocated boredom of a suburban life with style. My current favourite couplet: Call your mate, go blaze two// play tunes of US rap and grime that you love, but cant relate to.”

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