Lisa Mercedez – Move Up Mi Body

This is the first Ive heard of UK dancehall queen, Lisa Mercedez, but its fair to say she absolutely shells the Time Takers beat from 2012. We need more of this shit coming out the UK! 

Atumpan – The Thing (Bruk Out Kwaito remix)

Heres a kwaito flavoured remix I put together of Atumpans afrobeats killer The Thing Ive had to keep this locked down since last summer, but now the track is getting a UK release I can finally share it, enjoy!

Solo 45 ft Wiley – Arrogant (new Grime/ UK Funky)

One day Im gonna make a mixtape of tunes based around pissed off rappers swearing. It could kick off with Sagats Fuk Dat…

…take a pit stop at Raw Vybes Dont Piss Me Off…

… and then finish up with this new banger from Arrogant 45, with its Kiss My Arse chorus. Admittedly thats only three tunes. Might have to work on it.

Anyway, this has got the hallmarks of a stooopid summer smash, and hopefully itll give Boy Better Knows Solo 45 his first mainstream hit, def the best cut Ive heard from him yet. 

Atumpan – The Thing – new UK video

The Things UK re-release has come with a video shot against rave kente cloth and apparently run through a knackered VHS. It probably cost 200 to make and is actually pretty good. I still think the changing of the lyric from small girl to rude girl is a weird conflation of Ghanaian and Jamaican via UK culture.. I mean I get that- to English ears trained for the merest whisp of noncy-ness anyway- small girl was open to mockery, but I dunno. I liked it as it was. Theres something a bit cynical about the tacking on of rude girl, but maybe Im over analyzing. Anyway, regardless, the videos fly and the track still sounds amazing.

Did I mention I did a remix of this?

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