McQuaid’s Bruk Out Selections #13


Shadow Child ft Takura – Friday

Theres so much house coming out of London at the moment its getting hard to pan the gold from the dross, specially as producers are using the same bass sounds, the same kick drums, the same Vengence Sample Pack SFX.. Ultimately it needs a good song to cut through (how quaint) and after a month or so of listening, Im pretty sure that Friday by Shadow Child is just that – the chorus is gonna get stuck deep in your head, and as Ive probably mentioned on this blog a million times, its got the mix of melancholia and euphoria that I think lies at the heart of all the best UK rave; a tussle between E rushing infinity and rain swept concrete reality that sounds like London feels.

Sticking with UK house, Ive often thought Ali Love was – essentially – crap. But his new one on Crosstown Rebels is working for me. It doesnt do much – it doesnt need to, staying deep and heady, but Loves plaintive, thin vocal really works, situating the track in a pantheon of white boy UK disco records that goes from Disclosure, through Hot Chip and Gorrillaz and right back to 80s heroes Blancmange and New Order. I may be converted.

Kwabs – Last Stand

This is pretty special. South Londoner Kwabs has come through with the deepest soul cut Ive heard for years. Hes taken the template James Blake just won a Mercury prize with – mournful, introspection that twangs heartstrings – and blessed it with a depth and emotional range that sets him apart. This feels like the opening salvo of a major new talent, I cant wait to hear what comes next

Nigga Fox – Kuduro

OK, so it looks like Im catching the hype on Nigga Fox – I stumbled on him the other day, only to discover theres already been gushing pieces in Fader and FACT, but fair play, the shit hes making doesnt sound like anything anyones putting out anywhere. I cant really describe it, except to say his beats have the raw edge of Kuduro slowed down to house tempos, and these are used to support the nuttiest synth lines Ive heard for years; headfried melodies that cut in and out like half heard rave sirens. Theres a couple of tracks for free download below

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