Max Richter Releases Eight-Hour Overnight Piece


Are there any insomniacs in the house? Insomniacs who have a keen interest in avant-garde classical music? Max Richter's latest work, SLEEP, may just be the lullaby you need to send you off into a peaceful night's rest.

Richter, a German born British composer, has written what is possibly the longest single piece of music ever to be recorded, and it was all made with the intention to send listeners to sleep. The eight-hour long lullaby is scored for piano, strings, electronics and vocals – but no words. Richter says that it is his "manifesto for a slower pace of existence."

SLEEP will recieve its world premiere this September in Berlin, in a concert performance lasting from 12 midnight to 8am. Sitting in a chair for that long doesn't sound comfy, you say? Well, seats will be replaced with beds to give you optimum listening experience. There will also be worldwide special overnight performances of SLEEP to be announced.

SLEEP will be availabe in it's eight-hour entirety as a digital album. However, for those who prefer it, a one-hour adaptation will also be released on CD, vinyl, download, and streaming formats, all through Deutsche Grommophon, on 4th September.

To watch Max Richter's short video on SLEEP click here, to find out more on Facebook click here.