Matias Aguayo announces new EP on Cómeme


Globetrotting producer Matias Aguayo has long abandoned the minimal techno that projected his name to the masses. With bases in both Argentina and France, the 45 year old Chilean is no stranger to travel, a bittersweet repercussion of a successful music career. As such, it seems only natural for his latest project to have been recorded in Johannesburg for Chilean label, Cómeme.

Out on the 23rd November, ‘Rain’ sees the veteran producer team up alongside South African actress, singer and resident DJ Mujaji for "The Rain". On this collaborative track, tumbling percussion, hypnotic vocals and trance-inducing cymbal design combine in stark contrast to the compositional skeleton behind minimal tracks of yesteryear. B-side track ‘Serious’ is another mind-warping  concoction of dizzying drums, playful synths and refined accents, over which Mujaji voices her desire to keep dancing. With both tracks being stripped of vocals for instrumental versions, and a special club mix of ‘Rain’, the release offers variation for the dancefloor.