Massive 10 Lp Muslimgauze Boxset Drops


Who hasn't got a coupla hundred quid to splash on proto techno industrial ambient drone boxsets eh? Forgetting those of you who don't (suckers), the good news for the rest of us is that top avant reissue label Vinyl on Demand have put together a superbly thorough Muslimgauze boxset, featuring 10 LPs compiling all of Bryn Jones's early – an incredibly rare – output. Stretching from 1983 – 1988, to set also includes a 208 page book on Muslimgauze, an A1 poster and a CD comp. There are only 500 copies available, costing £229.99 and Boomkat are taking preorders now. Quick!

Muslimgauze is often sited as one of the true pioneers of industrial ambient. His deeply political work takes in Eastern influences, dubbed out tape loops, horrific sample assaults and foundational techno. In many ways he's the outsiders outsider, and a quick listen to some of the track's that's getting repressed will give an insight as to why –