Massimiliano Pagliara announces new LP on Frankfurt’s Live At Robert Johnson label


This is the third LP Massimiliano has released during his extremely eclectic career. Titled ‘Feel Live’ we see many familiar faces feature throughout the album including the likes of Peaking Lights, Private Agenda, Fort Romeau and Kim Ahn. Massimiliano is a serial traveler and spent most of his time journeying throughout the world uncovering new and cherished experiences, all of which he holds very dearly. Much like this hobby we can definitely see connotations within the selection of this LP. Feel Live is a wholesome journey of cosmic electro, emotive pads, syncopated percussion, harmonic turbulence and everything in between. 

‘Feel Live’ is set for release on the 30th November and will be available via various digital and physical outlets.


1. A Winter In Los Angeles (feat. Private Agenda)
2. Trust The Direction Of The Wind (feat. Peaking Lights)
3. Feel Live
4. Villaggio Paradiso (On Acid)
5. I Promise 
6. Geometric Crystal Spaces 
7. Endless Change
8. Raving At The Acropolis
9. Fare Spazio
10. Properties Of Distance
11. Floating Room (feat. Fort Romeau) 
12. Two Weeks Later (feat. Kim Ahn) 

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