Martyn To Release New Album On Ninjatune


It's been 3 years since Martyn's last long player, Ghost People, came through on Brainfeeder Records. Now the Dutch born, Washington DC based producer has switched labels, with new album The Air Between Words scheduled for release through UK veteran Ninja Tune on June 16th. Whether that means we'll see a departure from Ghost People's rough hewn house and glitching arps remains to be seen – the PR are talking vaguely about "an entirely new sonic direction", but as yet no music has surfaced. The tracklist shows that last years Be My Own Pupil hasn't made it onto the record, but Fourtet and sometime Hype Williams collaborator Inga Copeland have – here's the track list as it stands:

1 Forgiveness Step 1
2 Glassbeadgames (with Four Tet)
3 Empty Mind
4 Drones
5 Love of Pleasure (with copeland)
6 Two Leads and a Computer
7 Forgiveness Step 2
8 Like That
9 Lullaby
10 Fashion Skater