Mark Barrott’s ‘Sketches From An Island 2’ Coming In July


'Sketches From An Island’ album garnered support from a diverse crew including Gilles Peterson and Trevor Jackson, and International Feel founder Mark Barrott returns with a sequel. Influenced by playing at La Torre last summer, Barrott says of his residency at Ibiza’s sunset mecca. "I loved seeing how people react to the wonderful spectacle of the sunset and how you can create a movie soundtrack where the sunset is the film.” He also held a residency at Pikes with DJ Harvey last summer, and says this of the album. 'It is a metaphor for some of the big questions. I believe in reincarnation within a life. The person I am today, began at age 30 when I woke up on a beach and had an epiphany. I was very different person before that and since that point I have been very fortunate to flow from one synchronous moment to another. I’ve realised this journey is the journey within. If one second of any of the Sketches records help people achieve that on their own, then I’m eternally grateful.”

Mark Barrott – Sketches From An Island 2 is released by International Feel on 1st July 2016. Follow the label on Facebook HERE.

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