Mark Archer (Altern8)


"We're about to take LSD" 

Back to '91 from the man like Mark Archer (ex-Altern8 n all that) who's done us a rather fine back to '91 hardcore mix.

Originally written by Mark Archer in 1991 and released as Altern 8, this rave anthem gets four modern makeovers:

Luke Vibert brings a sample heavy funk to his version, while DMX Krew apply an electro workout. On the flipside, AGT Rave Cru give it a dubstep-rave hybrid take, and the 12" is completed with Ben Sims' Killa Productions fierce juggernaut remix. 

Available from… and boomkat, juno, bleep, beatport, itunes, amazon. 

Check that shizzle here.

Check the smasherooni mix below…