Marina & The Diamonds


Strutting, histrionic am-dram pop that would make even Mika blush from the former Lion King starlet. Marina has her sights set on global pop domination to such a degree it’s frightening. Is there anything as offensive as this kind of brazen, heatseaking ambition? Marina seems to think it’s already mapped out for her just cos she’s put in the hard yards. On an NME tour. And are we really expected to believe this is all hard fought just because she’s played the Tumbridge Wells Forum or whatever? Don’t write her off yet though – this girl’s got a serious brain on her: “Do you think that when people take pictures of the characters at Disney world they smile behind their masks? she enquires on her myspace. Fuck me that’s deep. Expect: Stylised, pre-meditated breakdown’ this time next year. Televised Glastonbury appearance.