Marco Shuttle to release new music on The Bunker


Legendary New York club The Bunker has hosted some of Brooklyn’s wildest raves for over 15 years. In 2014, the party series launched its own label, releasing music from artists such as Donato Dozzy, AtomTM and Gunnar Haslam. Though releases are frequent, quality never ceases to exist, making the label an exemplary model for how to run a label. Stepping up for the eighth release of 2018 alone, Italian producer and DJ Marco Shuttle sends in three tracks of emotive and shadowy techno.

‘The Moon Chant’ combines pulsating kicks with eerie vocals, resulting in a broody and engrossing track fit for the darkest depths of the dancefloor. B-side track ‘Cyberia’ explores a more droney aesthetic, driven by a mesmeric, whirling melody and thick kicks. ‘Curve Pericolose’ is another uptempo concoction of euphoric techno. Sauntering synth-work and squelching hats inspire movement through its controlling beat and twisted melody. Set for release on the 30th November.