Malante vs Azzido Da Bass


I was walking my dog through the park when I noticed its head poking from the gutter. At first just an inky stain- then as more of its body humped out it appeared to be a kind of elongated rubbery eraser. With increasing speed, the shape spooled out, quicker and quicker until it was there in front of me- a grotesquely moist slug rising up, glistening. It grew bigger, bigger- as tall as a man, then taller again. And Christ its- its undulations… There it was plain as day and black as night, swaying back and forth, sexier than any slug could ever be. God, God the more you looked the hotter it got, twisting away, bulging and curving, juice dripping down its slick shiny body. There was no fighting it. KISS THE SLUG! MmmmmMMM my arms wrapped round its body, its body so smooth yet firm enough to love. After one sweet embrace, I stepped back and, quick as a flash, pummelled it in the belly. The beast doubled up with a tiny gasp. I grabbed it by either end. I forced the ends together. I wrestled it to the floor and folded that slug again and again. When it was the size of a tin of biscuits I jammed it into my satchel. My dog howled at this outrage but I paid no attention. Happy with myself, with everything really, I hoisted my bag onto my shoulder and, whistling a jaunty tune, set off for home.

Ian Mcquaid

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