Magic Feet Release Femi Kuti REmixes


This latest release on Craig Bratley’s ever-essential Magic Feet is a 10 which features two remixes of tracks from Femi Kutis album Day by Day which have never been released on vinyl before. 

The remixes were commissioned as part of a unique creative collaboration between Mercer Street / Downtown Records and the Santa Monica-based public radio station KCRW and were originally featured on a limited edition compilation CD that was only available as a membership premium during KCRWs bi-annual pledge drive to raise funds to support the stations programming.

Liza Richardsons remix of ‘Eh Oh’ first came to Craig’s attention when Sean Johnston featured it on his Beats In Space mix. (The engineer on the remix, Jake Davies, was previously Seans partner in The Hardway Bros). With Magic Feet becoming established, Craig decided to license the track in order to make it available to vinyl lovers. 

The wax is out now and available over on Juno Records.

Listen here: