Maeve Announces First Compilation


The record label has unveiled an eleven track album which features contributions from label favourites, previously featured artists and friends. Mano le Tough, Isolee, The Drifter, Aera, Nathan Jonson and more have all delivered music as part of the compilation which is available now both digitally and via a triple vinyl package. It is the first time that the imprint has released a compilation and the album comes off the back of recent appearances on the label by the likes of Kev Sheridan, Adam Marshall and more. 

Buy the release HERE. The full tracklist can be seen below: 

A1 Mattheis – PT4
A2 Aera – Glass Channel
B1 Isolee – No Let
B2 Dokumn – Come For You
C1 Ed Davenport – Mendocino
C2 The Drifter – Three Words Max
D1 Human Space Machine – Mitochondria
D2 Oliver Deutschmann -The Infidel
E1 Mano Le Tough – An Hour In The Morning
F1 Nathan Jonson – There's A Pink In There
F2 Kev Sheridan- Samhain