Madteo readies new cassette release for Origin Peoples


The New York producer and disc jockey has recorded an 86 minute long cassette made up entirely of his own material. Madteo has been a prominent figure in the world of leftfield electronic music for many years having previously released music on the likes of Wania, Workshop, Meakusma, Acido, Latency amongst many others. He has previously released music on Origin Peoples across two tapes which were released in 2017 and 2018 respectively. This will be his third outing for the imprint. 

The new cassette is a long form affair and as such doesn't fit on vinyl – hence the C90 cassette. The label describes the release as follows:

"For anyone who's a fan, it doesn't get any more fucked out and soupy than this!"

Buy the tape on Bandcamp HERE